Internal doors are an integral and commonly used product throughout any home or building. Whether it’s a room divider, entrance maker, cupboard creator and even a natural light conducting glazed door, there are many considerations to take on when choosing an internal door. The look and feel, material, glazed or an un-glazed door, panelled doors, is it pre-finished, white primed or solid hardwood door...

All of these options for internal doors can be tough to navigate through to find your ideal door to fit into your budget. Fire doors are also within our range including toughened glass to BS 6206, BS EN 12600 or BS EN 12150. 

Confused as to what a pre-finished, white primed, standard core, solid hardwood door is? That's where McNairs Timber and Building Merchants come in, the experts in doors for 30 years! We have a dedicated showroom team to take you through internal door designs, styles and materials taking away the pain of sitting through brochure after brochure, website after website when all you need is someone to understand what you’re looking for and customise your door options for you. Browse below or call a member of our friendly staff with any questions on our ranges of internal doors.